Chapter Twenty Five


Impudent Brahmin's vanity. 

There was a cruel Muslim king in Vidura. He used to call the Brahmins, ask them to recited Vedas and explain their meaning. He would then give money to such Brahmins. He would say that if Brahmins kill animals in sacrifices, then why should they blame us for killing animals?

One day two Brahmins, knowing three Vedas, came to the king and said to him, `If there are any learned Brahmins in your city, call them to discuss with us on all the four Vedas.

The king enquired, but no learned Brahmin came forward to discuss with these Brahmins. They decided to visit other places in the country and discuss. Vedas with Brahmins and obtain victory certificates from them.

In course of time they came to Kumasi and invited Trivikram Bharati for discussion or else demanded a certificate for victory.

Trivikram bharati humbly declined to discuss. But due to their persistance he said, `My Gurudeo resides at Ganagapur. Let us go there. You wwill be given certificates if necessary.'

Trivikram Bharati and two Brahmins came to Ganagapur. Trivikram bowed to Shri Guru and told him why those Brahmin had come there .

Shri Guru asked the Brahmins' `Why do you want to discuss? We being sanyasis do not give any importance to victory or defeat. What will you gain by such discussion?'

The Brahmins said, `We have roamed all over the country and have won victory everywhere. Here we have several certificates of victory. Hence you and Trivikram can both discuss with us.'

Shri Guru: `Vanity results in destruction. What was bali's fate? What did Banasur gain? Ravana and Kauravas have also perished. Even Brahma and others do not know all the Vedas. So think over again and give up the idea of discussing.'

Still the impudent Brahmins insisted to have a discussion.